With the silent draw of the sunny Colorado skies, and dramatic landscape, I left New Jersey to follow my dreams of adventure and to chase adrenaline. Photography has guided me towards that dream which is now my profession.  I capture nature and life in a way that is exclusive to my vision. My goal is to create lasting memories whether its extreme sporting events, a new home, or lasting love between two people. I prefer to shoot authentic, real life experiences that exude raw emotion. I am connected to my subjects and take pride in their lifelong meaning. My clients include Oakley, Backcountry Magazine, Rocky Mountain Underground, Climate Right/Climate Smart, Cirque Mtn Apparel, Grass Sticks, Strafe Outwear, and hopefully you!  When not shooting you can find me snowboarding, fly fishing, mountain biking, hiking, trail running, and surfing - with my camera likely attached to my hip!